2018 Super Seaweed ─ Exhibition of Kelp

2018-01-09 ~ 2018-12-09

Super Seaweed ─ Exhibition of Kelp
Duration: 2018.01.09 ~ 2018.12.09

【Super Seaweed ─ Exhibition of Kelp】 
Kombu, Kelp and Laver that are often seen on our dining table have become the main characters in our exhibition. 
We will tell you the importance of Kelp and Marine Algae for the Earth's Ecology, the environment and our diet via experiential games! 

01. The Secret Agents
In the ocean, the water depth can influence the light intensity, while the ocean currents affect nutrients. Different temperatures in seawater can also affect the growth of various algae. Let's walk into the ocean and visit the environment for growth of Kelp, Kombu and Laver.
Let's play the experiential games and go on the mission with Kelpman, Ninja Kombu and Laver Baby!

02. The Transformation
Kelp is the world's largest cultured marine algae, whose farming, harvest and post-processing are the heritage and accumulation of experience. Let's follow Kelpman to see how Kelp is bred and processed in the factory of Kinmen and how Kelp is transformed into a healthy food!

03. Mysterious Kelp Forest
Let's pluck up the courage and dive into the forest of deep swaying Kelp. Here, it is almost one of the most complex ecosystems in the oceans. Find out how many creatures are hiding in the Kelp forest. And make comparisons to see if you are taller than the Kelp.

04. The Ultimate Lab
In recent years, studies have found that algae contains in a variety of precious nutrients, which makes it a recipe for fighting cardiovascular disease. An assortment of products such as the health food, medicine, skin care products and medical supplies use the Marine Algae as the main ingredient. Let’s work together to understand the magic of the Marine Algae for the human body.

05. Special Agent tasks
After Kelp, Kombu and Seaweed are harvested, they can be processed into a wide range of foods based on their species and different parts. These diverse foods are hidden in our lives. Now, let’s dress up as a special agent to defend the Earth with "Kelpman," "Ninja Kombu," and "Laver Baby " in the forum where we speak for Earth's oceans!

06. Three Missions
Owing to industrial development, a large amount of "carbon dioxide" is emitted, leading to a year-by-year increase in the greenhouse effect and a crisis in marine ecology. "Kelpman," "Ninja Kombu" and "Laver Baby" have the super power to bring about "Carbon Reduction," end "Plasticsin the Ocean" and produce "Biomass Energy." We invite you to take on the task of "Super Seaweed" in the 21st century during the game!

07. Kelp in Food Culture
Kelp has a high nutritional value; thus, it is also known as the "longevity food." Let's get to know which countries around the world are having Kelp in their special diet cultures.

08. Enjoy the Rice Roll 
Here are delicious seaweed, as well as local "fresh" ingredients in Keelung. Let’s follow Seaweed and experience the fun of making rice rolls with bare hands. (Please take the "Rice Roll DIY coupon" to join the experiential activities. Time Periods for Activities: 10:00 am to 12:00 am; 13:30 pm to 16:00 pm).